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The Faith Factor In Losing Weight

If you are not sure that you can lose weight and lose, then you cannot and will not lose weight. Faith is a scientific and spiritual principle. It is spiritual in the sense that I cannot realize it by the five senses. For example, you can see the effects of the wind, but you cannot see the wind or what caused the wind. Belief is scientific in the sense that there is a certain way by which depending on the structure of your mind or the way it works will cause your desired effects.

If you know how the brain works, you can have an assurance because it will deliver the results you want. – But then it is no longer faith and belief. Now this is knowledge. You know this will work as you know. Two plus two equals four. We know all you have to do and apply this procedure.

So how does the brain work, and how is it related? The first thing to understand is that what we are talking about here is self-control. We did not get pregnant with amazing physical, mental, and emotional faculties without the means and means to control them. It makes little sense. You will neither have arms nor legs and will not control the movements of the way you want to move or use. Likewise, without having the means to control those thoughts and feelings, you will not have thoughts and feelings. The only thing you can do with your hunger is to feel hungry even without the means to overcome it.

The second thing to understand is that you have more eating habits, and all habits – good, bad, or neutral – are located in the subconscious part of your brain. And the only way to deal with things consciously is to separate yourself from what you are used to. Your habit is a mental and / or emotional attachment – in this case eating, and we detach the opposite of attachment.

So the solution is to separate yourself mentally and emotionally from where you eat. You and food are not one thing, but two separate entities. The method is to keep the two separate. Put them in your positions. One common supplier of fuel for a living, and the other a normal fuel user for a living. Everything else is secondary – like its taste, appearance and smell, nutritional value, fat intake, and calories.

Avoiding eating this way makes it clear whether you are eating for the right or wrong reasons when the body is full and has the power to rest easily.

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