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Is Green Tea Healthy and Can You Lose Weight

You can eat the most unhealthy foods from your diet and eat healthy, skip all the candy and cookies, and no longer have breakfast in your mouth.

Instead of eating healthy snacks like nuts, vegetables, and unripe fruits, you will lose weight healthy and you will not be hungry.

Now there are different foods that help you lose weight. Did you know that Green Tea is an example?

Healthy tea.

Losing weight with tea is not a good thing if you are not a fan of tea but want to lose more weight. This article has plenty of tips for drinking enough green tea.

This is definitely not a weight loss solution, it requires more than just drinking tea. However, this helps you greatly if you are now consuming beverages such as soft drinks or green tea instead of lemonade.

It’s very healthy.

It is a tea that has many healthy functions. In Europe, it is still a brand new tea, while in Asian countries I have known it for centuries.

Many Asians drink tea during the evening meal. In Europe, people drink more black tea and tea with different flavors. Green tea is becoming more and more popular as we learn more about the different health effects of this tea.

Studies show that green tea:

Relieves pain and stress.
It contains anti-bacterial functions, protects against cancer and protects against cookies.
It protects against various diseases and disorders.
Reduces the effects of bad cholesterol (LDL) and increases the effect of good cholesterol (HDL).
Get your metabolism.
It contains a substance (ECGC), which ensures that fat is converted into energy, thus helping to lose weight.
It has the effect of preventing Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.
Resistance helps to prevent colds and colds.
The night is perfect with LL Thea nine.
There are several reasons for this tea to be healthy. This is not only good for your general resistance, but also helps you lose weight. It is good to know that this tea contains a tiny amount.
Thin has a stimulatory effect similar to caffeine. One cup of green tea has an average of 30 to 45 milligrams of them, compared to one cup is considerably less. An average cup of coffee contains 90 to 150 mg of a ten.

How many cups do you drink daily?

Now that you know that Green Tea is healthy, you naturally want to drink your first cup today. But how many cups of green tea should you drink daily to enjoy these benefits?

I recommend that you drink up to 3 two 4 cups of green tea a day. You will then find plenty of active ingredients to enjoy this healthy tea.

It is possible to drink more cups daily but do not drink over 10 cups daily. Because of the amount of caffeine in your tea, we do not recommend you to drink too much.

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