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            European hair, bleached hair for wigs and extension. Chinese and Uzbek hair.

   Do you want to buy European hair?... Do you need natural raw hair of high quality, hair for extension and making wigs? Then you are in the right place. We offer natural European hair, "russian" Slavic hair collected in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova. This type of European hair is the best among raw hair. To get acquainted closer with this hair type and purchase virgin freshly cut European hair visit our site
   Our company also offers a new product. This natural hair, bleached blond in color and in shades of blond ash, which are very common and are in great demand in the Russian hair.
   In the past few years has increased the need for a long European natural light is not treated hair, originating from CIS, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus. Unfortunately, the need for such a hair's a lot more than being able to collect, especially in a blond color. Natural hair - is a product that is going to naturally and do not always have the right colors, lengths and volumes. In this regard, we propose a new product - natural hair color of bleached blond, and blond shades length of 50 centimeters to 1 meter, high-quality European Russian processing.
    Hair treatment done on its own proprietary technology developed close to the salon manual discoloration and staining. Working with each strand of hair can save individual quality and achieve the desired hue. When bleaching hair we use expensive hair dye known European companies. Hair that we use are imported from China and Uzbekistan. Chinese hair is thicker and the structure is always straight. Uzbek hair thin almost like a European, and has curly and curly hair structure, making it very exclusive. Of course, among the Uzbek hair also has a straight hair. In the selection of hair we make sure that the hair was thin, similar in structure to the European-Russian and hair as soft as a European-Russian hair. The cuticle of hair is not removed, which makes the hair lively, elastic. In connection with high-quality treatment, hair worn long and do not get to retain their flexibility and naturalness.
   Thank you very much for visiting our website. We very much hope that you enjoy our product, and we will cooperate with you.

Chinese bleached hair:
European hair, bleased chinese and uzbek hair European hair, bleased chinese and uzbek hair European hair, bleased chinese and uzbek hair
Uzbek bleached hair:
Uzbek bleached hair Uzbek bleached hair Uzbek bleached hair